Dr Christopher John Müller

Researching Constellations of Power, Technology and Affect in Contemporary Culture

How do technological objects, artificial and linguistic structures shape human perception, emotion and interaction? What is at stake when engaging in literary and cultural analysis today? In what ways is criticism a creative practice?  My work responds to these questions by pursuing research in Literature, Contemporary Thought and Cultural Studies.

New: English version of 'The Life of Günther Anders' is now online.

New Book: Credo Credit Crisis: Speculations on Faith and Money  

Open CFP: Genealogy of the Posthuman 

Links: Exerpt of Prometheanism in 3:AM Magazine /  Interview about Prometheanism  / Daniel Ross' Review of Prometheanism for Lo Sguardo (special issue 'Anthropocene')

Senior Associate Teacher at the University of Bristol

Honorary Research Associate at the School of English, Communication and Philosophy Cardiff University

Co-Editor of the Genealogy of the Posthuman on criticalposthumanism.net

PhD from the Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory, Cardiff University (2013)