Upcoming Presentations:

‘The Empathy Machine: Artifice, Bodily Feeling and the Cultural Politics of Empathy’, Workshop: Cultural Politics of Empathy, hosted by The European Society for Literature, Science and the Arts. June 2017, University of Basel

‘Life Haunted by Nowhere: Günther Anders and Acoustic Unfreedom’, July 2017, British Association of Modernist Studies Conference: Modernist Life, University of Birmingham

Past Presentations (Selection):

Invited Talk: 'Utopia Inverted: The Bank of England and the Tragic Arch of Money'. 30th of May, 2017, University of Malta

Invited Talk: 'Invisible Monsters: Your Smartphone is an Atom Bomb'. Philosophy Matters Workshop. May 2017, University of Kent

Invited Talk: 'Worlds Without Us: Automation and the Politics of Affect'. Conference: Machines and Automation: Perspectives on Labour, Surveillance and Warfare. May 2017, Cardiff University

'Photography' (With Ian Wiblin). Creative Practice Symposium convened by the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape. 2017. University of Newcastle

Invited talkThe Punishment of Prometheus: Günther Anders and the Obsolescence of Phenomenology convened by the Oxford Phenomenology Network. 2017. University of Oxford

Invited lecture: ‘Prometheus Unbound? Technology and the Paradoxes of Human Nature’. Evening lecture at the summer school of the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes). 2016. Academy Leysin (Switzerland)

How can Phenomenology Study the Formative Power of (Digital) Technology?Symposium: Phenomenology: A Readiness for the Questionable. 2016, University of Kent

‘Confidence Tricks (Why Feel Shame?)’. Derrida Today Conference. 2016, London Goldsmiths

Anaesthetic Lives: Günther Anders in the Digital Age’. Conference paper at SLSAeu Conference: Control. 2016, University of Stockholm

‘Desert Ethics: Automatic Faith’. Symposium: Re-reading Derrida’s Faith and Knowledge, 2015, University of Nottingham

‘Upscaling Imagination: Exaggeration as Method’. SLSAeu Conference: SCALE, 2015, University of Malta

Invited talk: ‘Singled-Out Existence: Thinking Shame and Artifice with Jean Jacques Rousseau’s Confessions’. Guilt Group Workshop Series at Birkbeck, 2015, University of London

‘The Unsalaried Masses: Anders and the Future of Work in the Digital Age’. FWF Conference: “Schreiben für Übermorgen”: Forschungen zum Nachlass von Günther Anders, 2014, University of Vienna

‘Composing the Self: Shame as a Technological Passion’. Symposium: Shame and the Act of Writing, 2014, University of Warwick

Invited talk: ‘Shame: Being Caught Out by Technology’ for the Critical Theory Seminar Series, 2013, University of Manchester  

‘The Passion of Knowledge in Derrida and Kierkegaard’, ISIH Conference Passionate Minds: Knowledge and the Emotions in Intellectual History, 2011, University of Bucharest

Robinson Crusoe: Shamed into Being’, 13th International Graduate Conference in Philosophy: Become Who You Are: Kierkegaard, Literature and Philosophy of Religion, 2011, University of Essex

‘Shame and Technicity’, Zoontotechnics (Animality / Technicity) Conference, 2010, Cardiff University

‘Style and Arrogance: The Ethics of Heidegger’s Style’, Styling Theory, Style in Theory Conference, 2009, University of Malta

‘The Space of Memory: Lyotard and the Jewish Museum Berlin’, Representing the Holocaust Conference, 2009, Chester University

‘The Question of Ethics in Derrida and Heidegger’, Symposium: Deconstruction, Space, Ethics, 2009, University of Heidelberg