I teach and have convened courses in multiple institutional and disciplinary contexts and at all levels of university education.

Main coordinates include:

Critical Theory, Cultural Studies and Philsophy

Ma in Critial and Cultural Theory, Cardiff University (classes and modules combining contiental philosophy, philosophy of technology and critical theory; 2012-2015)

Ancient Philosophy and Literature, Cardiff University (Since 2014)

Photography and Cultural Studies, University of South Wales (2013-15)

Literary Theory, English Literature and American Literarture

University of Bristol (since 2014); Cardiff University (2013 & since 2017)

Science and Technology Studies (STS)

'Technologies of Nature, Natures of Technology: Contemporay Perspectives on the Given and the Made': 2-week course, convened at the interdisciplinary Summer Scool of the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes), 2016

'The Cultural Politics of Empathy', University of Basel, June 2017. A Doctoral and Post-doctoral workshop hosted by the SLSAeu (European Society for Science Literature and the Arts) Outline and Programme

Teaching on the 'Literature and Science' module, Cardiff University (since 2017)

Current Courses

'American Literature' and 'Ways of Reading 2' Units on the BA in English Literature and Community Engagement at the University of Bristol.

Declarations of Independence: The Birth of America in Philosophy and Literature CPE, Cardiff University (2017)

Comedy, Tragedy and the Art of Living: Introduction to Ancient Philosophy and Literature CPE, Cardiff University (next in January 2018).