Current Teaching

Since 2014, I teach the units 'American Literature' and 'Ways of Reading 2' on the BA in English Literature and Community Engagement at the University of Bristol.

I also teach the following courses at Cardiff University:

Declarations of Independence: The Birth of America in Philosophy and Literature CPE, Cardiff University (Start date 31st of January, 2017)

Comedy, Tragedy and the Art of Living: Introduction to Ancient Philosophy and Literature CPE, Cardiff University (next in 2018).

Past Teaching

I have taught in multiple institutional and disciplinary contexts and at all levels of university education.

Main coordinates include:

'Technologies of Nature, Natures of Technology: Contemporay Perspectives on the Given and the Made': Course offered at the interdisciplinary Summer Scool of the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes), 2016

Critical Theory, Cultural Theory and Continental Philosophy in a range of courses at Underaduate and Postgraduate level, Cardiff University, 2009-2015

English Literature, Cardiff University 2013; 2017

Photography and Cultural Studies, University of South Wales, 2013-14

Ancient Philosophy and Literature, Cardiff University 2014-2016